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Central Air Conditioning

Keeping Homes Cool

From scorching heat to stifling humidity, summer weather extremes can make the outside world very uncomfortable. However, in your home, Carrier cooling solutions ensure that you’re never at the mercy of the weather forecast!

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Indoor comfort

Indoor Comfort is a product of technologies that control temperature, humidity, and air quality. Through innovations like our Infinity® system, Carrier places complete control at your fingertips, helping you maintain precise conditions – even when it’s blistering outdoors.

An air-conditioning system provides cooling of your home, humidity control, and even heating (if using a heat pump) for a home. We offer the highest efficiency in central air conditioning one can buy, and with our Puron® Refrigerant (an environmentally sound refrigerant designed not to harm the earth’s ozone layer) complete comfort does not harm the world around you.

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Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER)

When comparing different systems, always look for high [h4]Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER)[/h4], which measures the cooling efficiency of an air-conditioner—you’ll be glad you did on those hot summer nights. The better the ratio, the more energy you save, which translates to more cash in your pocket and a better environment! 

Our Air Conditioning Services Include:

  • Repair
  • Installation
  • Tune-up
  • Maintenance
  • 24/7 Emergency Repair

Why Choose Us?


We have over 30 years of dedicated service and our extensive experience has allowed us to provide the highest level of service.

24/7 Emergency Repair Services

When HVAC emergencies occur, our skilled technicians are available around the clock to restore your home comfort.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure all our clients are happy with our HVAC services.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs an Upgrade or Replacement

Frequent Repairs
Is your air conditioner requiring frequent repairs? If you find yourself calling a technician more often than usual, it may be more cost-effective to invest in a new unit. Frequent repairs are not only inconvenient but also add up financially. A new air conditioner can save you from the hassle and expense of constant fixes.
Decreased Efficiency
An air conditioner that no longer cools your home as efficiently as it used to is a clear sign that it might need replacing. If you notice that your system is running longer or harder to achieve the same level of comfort, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Newer models are designed to be more energy-efficient, which can help reduce your utility bills.
Rising Energy Bills
If you’ve noticed a significant increase in your energy bills without a corresponding rise in usage, your air conditioner may be to blame. As units age, they become less efficient, requiring more energy to cool your home. Upgrading to a modern, energy-efficient air conditioner can help lower your energy costs and provide better cooling performance.

Regular air condition repair services include checking the refrigerant levels, inspecting the electrical components, and ensuring the system operates efficiently.

A typical air condition installation can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the complexity of the job and the type of system being installed.

Regularly changing the air filters, keeping the area around your unit clear, and scheduling annual maintenance can help keep your air conditioner running smoothly between repairs.

Air condition repair can address humidity issues by fixing or replacing components like the evaporator coil, which is responsible for removing moisture from the air.

Regular air condition repair can extend the lifespan of your HVAC system by addressing small issues before they become major problems.

Air condition installation for a new system should be considered when your current unit is beyond repair, or when upgrading to a more energy-efficient model.

Carrier HVAC products

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Call Hometown Heating today and ensure you save the most for top of the line products! 

Carrier HVAC products
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